EST Update: Premium Subscription

  • All case law updates from the tax tribunals and employment tribunals and courts.
  • HMRC’s Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) digital tool and their Employment Status Manual (ESM).
  • Government legislation both primary and secondary.
  • Government consultations, reports and reviews.
  • Reports and reviews from private organisations.

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This is a new subscription service which covers IR35, off-payroll working (OP21) and all aspects of employment status.  You can also sign up for free monthly updates. [Employment status is deciding whether someone is employed or self-employed mainly for tax or employment rights purposes.]


This update service covers changes to legislation, such as IR35, the off payroll reforms in the public sector and upcoming in the private sector (April 2021), s.44 ITEPA 2003, officeholders, etc. As well as case law, consultations, HMRC ESM & CEST updates, independent reviews and anything else.

Written by

The updates are written by Rebecca Seeley Harris a well known employment status expert who has been specialising for over 20 yrs. Rebecca frequently writes on the subject for the professional and mainstream press, speaks at conferences and was a Senior Policy Adviser to the Office of Tax Simplification.

Who is this for

HMRC expect businesses to understand how to make an employment status decision. So, this update service will be useful to clients and hirers, and their advisers such as accountants, HR professionals and lawyers.
It may also be useful to contractors and the self-employed.

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off-payroll (OP21), IR35 and other employment status areas

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