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The Premium Subscription is for anyone who wants to keep up to date with the changes in all employment status including IR35 and off-payroll working (OP21), self-employment, officeholders, etc, including an in-depth discussion of the event being reported. It is published in real time and once a month as a digest.  The content will cover:

  • all case law updates from the tax tribunals and employment tribunals and courts.
  • HMRC’s Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST) digital tool and their Employment Status Manual (ESM).
  • Government legislation both primary and secondary.
  • Government consultations, reports and reviews.
  • Reports and reviews from private organisations.

This will be useful for clients and hirers especially for the obligation under OP21 to take ‘reasonable care’ and for HMRC’s guidance to keep up to date with employment status principals.

Recruiters also need to keep up to date with IR35 and OP21.

Accountants and lawyers may need the EST Update to keep up to date with all employment status subjects.

Freelancers and contractors who need to keep abreast of the changes to this subject.


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What does the Premium subscription cover?

This Premium subscription covers the updates to all employment status including off-payroll (OP21), IR35, officeholders, agency tax legislation, and the self-employed.

The subscription is based on an analysis of the updates, rather than the free monthly update which is just the headline news. Of course, the subscription updates are delivered in real time as well.  So, EST Update trawls through the tribunals and courts, the government information, CEST, ESM and any other relevant information to bring this to your inbox.  Saving time and money.

We keep you updated so you don’t have to. It can take a lot of time and effort to keep up to date with the ever changing case law, legislation, HMRC CEST & ESM, etc. So, we find the information and do all the reading and writing up, saving you time and money.
This means that we will report on the event as and when it happens rather than providing it as a digest.

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